Powder Matt top 3 tips for Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Board fun!

Stand Up Paddle Board great fun and exercise

Stand up paddle boarding is a blast! Not only fun but it is great exercise and a perfect low impact, high return core workout. I grabbed my Riviera Paddle Surf Board and head out regularly to enjoy time on the water and great exercise.

Everyone should take up this sport and here are 3 Easy Ways to enjoy Stand Up Paddle Boarding!

Find a local surf and or sport store that has knowledgeable staff or a friend to get you started. The key is to demo and or take lessons from a pro to get you started and or to assist in picking out the right board to demo or try.

Pick an area where the water is calm, with no current and or tide and little to no wind for your first try.

Pick a board that is the right size for you. The pro, shop staff or knowledgeable friend can help assist you with this. But when you are starting out the wider the better!

Good luck and enjoy this great sport!

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